Forever Sing
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Elem Eley — Forever Sing
Release date : May. 05, 2017
Label : Affetto Records
  1. Antonín Dvořák: Biblical Songs, Op. 99; JJ Penna, piano
  2. Clouds and darkness
  3. Lord, Thou art my refuge
  4. Hear my prayer
  5. God is my shepherd
  6. I will sing new songs
  7. Hear my prayer, O Lord
  8. By the waters of Babylon
  9. Turn Thee to me
  10. I will lift mine eyes
  11. Sing ye a joyful song
  12. Edmund Rubbra: Three Psalms, Op. 61; JJ Penna, piano
  13. Psalm 6
  14. Psalm 23
  15. Psalm 150
  16. Arthur Honegger: Trois Psaumes; JJ Penna, piano
  17. Psaume XXXIV
  18. Psaume CXL
  19. Psaume CXXXVIII
  20. Isadore Freed: Psalm VIII; Noel Werner, organ
  21. Leo Sowerby: Three Psalms (for baritone or contralto and organ) Noel Werner, organ
  22. Whoso Dwelleth (Psalm 91)
  23. O Be Joyful in the Lord (Psalm 100)
  24. I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes (Psalm 121)
  25. Laurie Altman: My Shepherd, you supply my need; JJ Penna, piano
  26. Three Gospel Songs; J. Donald Dumpson, arranger/piano
  27. James Cleveland: I shall wear a golden crown
  28. Charles A. Tindley: Nothing Between
  29. Robert Lowry: How can I keep from singing


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Internationally renowned baritone Elem Eley’s fourth solo album, Forever Sing, is ddeply personal, rooted in his southern upbringing and the heartfelt expression of singing from the Psalms. For this album, Elem Eley chose beloved songs evoking memories of his youth, some that he has since called on in decades of performing around the world, and as Professor of Voice at Westminster Choir College of Rider University in Princeton, New Jersey. Meeting this challenge demands a collaborators of diverse skills: His partner for the first three albums, pianist JJ Penna, plays the Classical settings of Dvorak, Rubbra, Honegger, and Altman. Concert organist Noel Werner accompanies Eley in the two sets by Isadore Freed and Leo Sowerby, recorded in the historic 1836 sanctuary of his home church, Nassau Presbyterian Church in Princeton, NJ. The final set of three Gospel songs is arranged and accompanied on piano by the nationally renowned Dr. J. Donald Dumpson of Philadelphia; their session was emotional and exciting to witness, as these two personal friends and outstanding artists created a unique sense and sound of the Gospel musical genre, unique to their partnership and recorded here for the ages. Pure genius in every track, Affetto Records takes pride in presenting this multi-faceted collaboration o fmusic incredibly performed with depth and personal resonance.