La Raphaèle: The Art of François Couperin by Joyce Lindorff
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Joyce Lindorff — La Raphaèle: The Art of François Couperin
Release date : Jun. 01, 2018
Label : Affetto Recordings
  1. L’Art de Toucher le Clavecin (1716-17)
  2. Prélude in C major
  3. Prélude in D minor
  4. Prélude in G minor
  5. Prélude in F major
  6. Prélude in A major
  7. Prélude in B minor
  8. Prélude in Bb major
  9. Prélude in E minor
  10. Allemande
  11. Sixième Ordre (Book 2, 1716-17)
  12. Les Moissonneurs (The harvesters)
  13. Les Langueurs-Tendres (Languishing tenderly)
  14. Le Gazouillement (The chirping)
  15. La Bersan
  16. Les Baricades Mistérieuses (The mysterious barricades)
  17. Les Bergeries (The sheepfold)
  18. La Commère (The gossip)
  19. Le Moucheron (The gnat)
  20. Huitième Ordre (Book 2, 1716-17)
  21. La Raphaèle
  22. Allemande L’Ausoniène
  23. Courante
  24. Seconde Courante
  25. Sarabande L’Unique
  26. Gavotte
  27. Rondeau
  28. Gigue
  29. Passacaille
  30. La Morinète


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Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord

La Raphaèle: The Art of François Couperin pays homage to this Italian master long venerated by the Parisian Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture. This reverence also rang true of François Couperin as musical creator, who was clearly struck by Raphael’s art, and so named the first movement of his Huitième Ordre’s majestic opening allemande after the artist.

World-renowned harpsichordist Joyce Lindorff recreates Couperin’s L’Art de Toucher le Clavecin, Sixième Ordre, and Huitième Ordre with exquisite musicianship honed over four decades of researching and studying the styles and methods of the most famous keyboard composers of the 17th through 18th centuries. The essay in the booklet accompanying this album provides the listener with essential knowledge of both the composer and the selections in creating a full experience of this magnificent music.