Vierne – The Complete Organ Symphonies
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Eric Plutz, organist — Vierne - The Complete Organ Symphonies
Release date : Aug. 05, 2022
Label : Affetto Records
  1. Première Symphonie pour orgue, Op. 14
  2. Prélude
  3. Fugue
  4. Pastorale
  5. Allegro vivace
  6. Andante
  7. Final
  8. Deuxième Symphonie pour orgue, Op. 20
  9. Allegro
  10. Choral
  11. Scherzo
  12. Cantabile
  13. Final
  14. Troisième Symphonie pour orgue, Op.28
  15. Allegro maëstoso
  16. Cantilène
  17. Intermezzo
  18. Adagio
  19. Final
  20. Cinqième Symphonie pour orgue, Op. 47
  21. Grave
  22. Allegro molto marcato
  23. Tempo di Scherzo ma non troppo vivo
  24. Larghetto
  25. Final: Allegro moderato
  26. Quatrième Symphonie pour orgue, Op. 32
  27. Prélude
  28. Allegro
  29. Menuet
  30. Romance
  31. Final
  32. Sixième Symphonie pour orgue, Op. 59
  33. Introduction et Allegro
  34. Aria
  35. Scherzo
  36. Adagio
  37. Final


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Louis Vierne inhabits a unique place in the development of the Organ Symphony. Following in the footsteps of his teacher, Charles-Marie Widor, Vierne brought the organ symphony to its pinnacle with his six symphonies, written between 1895 and 1930. Symphonic in style, structure, and form, rather than forces, these solo organ works are exquisite composition examples of the last great late French Romantic organ composer. As the thirty-one movements of these symphonies offer a staggering variety of character, from majestic to whimsical, and from deep despair to unbridled joy; the venues offer an equally broad variety of organs and acoustics. Concert Organist Eric Plutz performs the Complete Organ Symphonies of Louis Vierne superbly and spectacularly on six separate organs around the United States from New York to Texas. This album is the culmination of “The Vierne Project,” a series of performances of the complete Vierne organ symphonies in celebration of the composer’s 150th birthday in 2020. The University Organist at Princeton University, Eric Plutz is one of only a handful of organists to embark on such a venture. As an organ concert soloist, he has performed on distinguished and historic instruments across the United States and abroad including in Germany, Austria, and France.