Back the Gamut from A to G – Eric Plutz, organist Princeton University Chapel

J. S. Bach’s Preludes / Toccatas / Fantasias & Fugues for organ are among the peak artistic achievements of the human race. The combination
of harmonic and melodic beauty, visceral force, and intellectual ingenuity is unparalleled by any other solo instrument’s repertoire. Organist Eric Plutz realized that a compelling single program of these masterpieces could be formed by performing them in diatonic order – one for each key: A, B, C etc. In Western music that sequence is known as ‘the Gamut,’ a term that came to mean ‘a complete range.’ This program therefore aligns with Bach’s own deep sense for order while traversing the complete range of Bach’s vision, from tenderest melancholy to
the depths of despair, from bold challenge to ecstatic victory. These peaks and valleys are nobly served by the dazzling colors of the Princeton University organ as well as the full historic and acoustic resonance of the Princeton University Chapel itself (the third largest college chapel in the world).

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