Kate Dillingham – Dvorak / Cello Concerto in B minor, Op. 104 and other works

Antonín Dvořák’s concerto for cello and orchestra is arguably one of the greatest works for the solo cello, but more importantly, one of the greatest large-scale works ever composed.

Cellist Kate Dillingham, “…an excellent cellist: dignified and compelling…an extraordinary performer.” is the soloist with the Brno Philharmonic, Czech Republic in this exciting new release.

In the opening bars, the listener is invited immediately in to the heart of the composer’s creative powers of invention. Recorded in the beautiful Besední dům, in Brno, Czech Republic, the phenomenal acoustic and superb artistry of the Czech musicians in their beautiful collaboration with Ms. Dillingham display the full range of color and allow the most profound human emotions found in music to flow forth.

The cello concerto differs from Dvořák’s previous piano and violin concertos given the important role of the orchestra, which is an equal partner to the solo instrument throughout the work. In the solo part, Dvořák made remarkable use of the varied and rich sounds the cello can produce, and, its unique ability to convey broad, singing melodies. Dillingham’s beautiful tone and fine musicianship bring a fresh interpretation to the grand scale heroism contrasted with the profoundly poetic world expressed in Dvořák’s iconic work.

Included on this album are two short pieces Dvořák composed for cello and piano. Due to their immense popularity with listeners, the composer arranged them for cello and orchestra. Tranquility, melancholy and a burnished quality characterize “Silent Woods” op. 68/5, in contrast to the energetic and delightfully playful “Rondo” Op. 94.


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