New Release: “Infinite Piazzolla” by Quinteto del Fuego

Quinteto del Fuego consists of five internationally renowned artists, whose artistic accomplishments place each one of them among the very best of their generation. Stéphane Chapuis (bandoneon), Elmira Darvarova (violin), Lionel Monnet (piano), George Vassilev (guitar) and Irina-Kalina Goudeva (double bass) are fantastic virtuosos of their instruments who bring exquisite musicianship, refined taste and sublime perfection to their mesmerizing charismatic interpretations.

The triumphal success of their concerts in Europe and the United States has solidified the reputation of Quinteto del Fuego as one of the very rare formations which cherish every note of the musical conversation connecting and binding them to the extreme core of the composers they champion. Their unrestrained passion for Astor Piazzolla’s music, coupled with their unerring instincts and deeply-felt affinity for the composer’s intentions, allow them to intertwine their individual vision with the unique original idea of the composer, resulting in unprecedentedly high-voltage performances and electrifying interpretative achievements. This is their debut CD recording of masterpieces by Astor Piazzolla on Affetto/Naxos.

Available now at Amazon and iTunes.

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